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We are working for a good life!

Tukena Foundation and Tukena Ltd produce services all over Finland. Our aim is to find individual solutions and to create high-quality services to support people with intellectual disabilities or special support needs and their families.

Promoting Equal Opportunities – Developing Together

Tukena Ltd is social entreprise established by Tukena Foundation in 2005.

What do we do?

  • We offer a wide variety of housing and care services to cater for the different needs and situations of families and people with special support needs. We support parents in coping with their situation and make it possible for carers to have short breaks and days off.
  • We acquire apartments for young people and adults with intellectual disabilities who wish to live on their own. We develop group housing for people with special support needs.
  • We work to promote a good life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families by lobbying decision-makers and legislators. We co-operate in advocacy work with NGO’s and other parties involved in the field.
  • We promote a person-centred approach to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. We advocate their full citizenship rights.
  • We carry out development projects and organise various kinds of training.

Tukena Ltd has more than 40 service units around Finland. In those units we are providing large diversity of services based on local needs together with service users, their families, local authorities and other actors in the field. All the time there is also focus on developing new services and contents on services, based on individual needs.

Tukena employs over 1000 professionals all over country. We offer interesting and versatile possibilities to work for the professionals in social and health sector.  You are welcome to work together with us, no matter if you are just graduated or already having substantial experience.

Competent and qualified staff is our most valuable resource.

Objective of Tukena is not a profit and dividend to the owner but carry out good quality sustainable services for people with intellectual disability in which families can trust.