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This is Tukena

Tukena is providing and developing services for people with an intellectual disability nationally. Our aim is to help and support people with disability and other people who need special support and their families in every life step.

Our objective is that our services are enabling full citizenship and participation in society. We are providing high quality services in close collaboration with people themselves. Sustainability and continuity are important for us and for people themselves and their families. We must take care of profitability of our services, and also make sure there is on-going development of services.

Tukena has more than 40 service units around Finland. In those units we are providing large diversity of services based on local needs together with service users, their families, local authorities and other actors in the field. All the time there is also focus on developing new services and contents on services, based on individual needs.

Tukena employs over 1000 professionals all over country. We offer interesting and versatile possibilities to work for the professionals in social and health sector.  You are welcome to work together with us, no matter if you are just graduated or already having substantial experience.

Competent and qualified staff is our most valuable resource.

Tukena in English

Tukena is social enterprise

Social enterprise is responsible and carries out social responsibility. Enterprise is working in sustainable way and uses at least half of the profit in development if its activities or donates it to the charity. Taxes are paid to Finland.

KVPS corporation

Service Foundation for People with Intellectual Disability (KVPS) and KVPS Tukena Ltd are together KVPS corporation. KVPS own Tukena 100%. Objective of Tukena is not a profit and dividend to the owner but carry out good quality sustainable services for people with intellectual disability in which families can trust.

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KVPS Tukena Ltd

Address: Pinninkatu 51, 33100 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 400 913 500